Hush, hush child, you still have time.
The heartbeats whisper.
You still have time to hear the rain roll off the eaves.
You still have time to sing.
You still have time to go down to the river to pray.


FiFi isn’t easy to sleep with, she bumps and kicks and turns. One moment I can’t breath because she’s pushed herself up so hard against my neck. I shift, blessed release.
Hot breath.
Sharp pain.
Warm body.

I could move but I still have time.

I spin and twist and turn.
Bell shrieks with joy over the loud music.
“Jump again”
and again,

We laugh and make faces.
I could go back to work, but there’s a few more songs, so I still have time.




The water lays still underneath the breeze, lunch is slow and easy.
Not much talk, not much need.
The sun beats a tattoo on our ready heads.
We should leave, we’re cutting it close.

We still have time our hearts yell.



Some days it doesn’t feel this way. It doesn’t feel like time is a friendly guest. Some day’s time swallows our hearts mercilessly. Pounding us into the dirt like the coffins we lay.
Some day’s sweethearts honest words pierce through the facade of knowledge and practice. Reminding us that we’ve abandoned their hearts. Reminding of us of the time we can’t win back.
Some days anger and tears reflect the minutes and years spent trying to be okay, never quite giving up. But now it’s too late. Because time…



All days time is the dark stranger, pounding at the back door. Calling us, reminding us that time is coming. And that time hurts like hell.


Time is no forgiving beast.
But we can win, we can call it out.
We can show it the wounds that overcame it.
We can show it the mirror the eternity we claim for ourselves.
We can confidently say that we know who holds time.




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