I do not know what I am about, who does? Do you?

But I know a lot of things to be true, for instance I know that seven years old’s love to step on ants and ladybugs. I know that rainstorms are incredible and awe inspiring and scary. I know that in the spring, flowers bloom, and in the summer, the pool feels nice. I know that my roommates think that my music choices are questionable and I know that I like being barefoot.

So here are ten things…


I know that Advent means birth/awakening/coming, but to me it means death/forgiveness/peace.

I know that I like naps.

I know that love will always exist, even if we don’t feel it (or think we don’t) Even in the dark, cold spaces of this world. Through all of time someone, somewhere, is loving.

I know that next time the goonies spend the night I am not waking them up at seven to watch the sunrise. We are gonna sleep in. Every time.

I know that gluten make me feel rotten.

I know that if my house caught on fire and I was only aloud to save three books I would be found burnt to a crisp trying to drag three bookcases out of the house.

I know that I like to hold babies.

I know that snowball fights after church in heels is not always the wisest thing to do but is completely necessary for survival.

I know that I can blame most of my problems on my seven siblings, most of my solutions too.

and finally? I know that I don’t know squat about all the things I want to, like how to rock climb and how to listen better, how to fillet a fish and how to paint my right fingernails.